Europe's First e-Park
7% flat tax
on sales revenue covering the entire tax burden at the level of the company and its employees (including all payroll taxes). Find out more
IT Visa
mechanism which facilitates to easily obtain a residency permit for work purposes for 2 years (in case of IT specialists) and 4 years (in case of IT managers). Find out more
72 hours company registration
Legal entity registration and bank accounts opening in maximum 72 hours. Find out more
Remote work allowed
for foreign and local employees during the state of emergency, including abroad Moldova, with possible prolongation. Find out more
Simplified bureaucratic procedures
Simplified tax reporting, special legal regime, advanced digital public services, legal entity registration and bank accounts opening in maximum 72 hours and many other simplified procedures. Find out more
Integrated with the European market and culture
Close economic cooperation and synchronisation of the legislative framework with the European Union, rich cultural exchange etc. Find out more
High country competitiveness
Moldova is ranked 50 out of 180 countries in the global sustainable competitiveness index. It has long-established and transparent Government practices & values that drive growth for Moldova based businesses. Find out more
Straightforward Business Practices
We believe that all innovative companies should have access to the most favorable conditions for their business' development.

Why choose Moldova Innovation Technology Park

MITP is the right solution for tech companies that need a secure and low tax jurisdiction for their business and remote teams, the possibility to digitally manage the company, and access to European markets.
  • 7% flat tax
    A single 7% sales tax on sales revenue covering the entire tax burden at the level of the company and its employees (including all payroll taxes). It is the lowest tax in the CEE.
  • Remote work allowed
    For foreign and local employees during the state of emergency (until 23 June 2022), including abroad Moldova, with possible prolongation.
  • IT Visa program
    Allows expatriates to easily get a Moldovan work permit for 2 years (IT specialists) or 4 years (IT managers), with the possibility of further extension. Expatriates' family members can obtain the residency permit for the same period.
  • Proximity to European market & culture
    Located within 1-3 hours from main European hubs. Moldovan people have a great understanding of both Western and Eastern cultures. The Moldovan legal system is transparent and similar to that of EU countries.
  • Multicultural society
    The majority of the population of Moldova understands or speaks Russian as a second language or English/French as a foreign language. There are schools as well as Universities with programs and courses taught in Russian.
  • Association Agreement with the European Union & active application to join the EU
    Moldova has an EU Association Agreement since 2016 and has applied for European Union membership at the beginning of 2022.
  • High ICT graduate numbers
    2,000 graduates in ICT related fields per year.
  • High country competitiveness ranking
    Moldova is ranked 50 out of 180 countries in the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index.
  • 72 hours to register a company
    Legal entity registration and opening a bank account takes less than 72 hours.
  • Low costs of living
    Moldova’s living costs are at least 1/3 lower than any Eastern European country (and Eastern EU).
  • Low residency fee
    For 2022 stands at the equivalent of ~110 USD per month for a company having an annual turnover of 1.000.000 USD.
  • Secure & fast digital infrastructure
    High speed internet via mobile or fiber optics, ranked #10 in the Global Rank for accessibility to Gigabit Internet.

One-stop shop for getting Eastern European IT development companies closer to the European Union

Moldova succeeds at combining the best of the European Union practices with simplified bureaucratic procedures. Our taxation is one of the lowest on the continent, similar to that of the other popular countries among regional and international investors.

We have a simplified legal framework capable of atracting investments from over 36 countries and a vast Eastern European culture and values that would make anyone feel like home away from home.

The Park operates under the Law 77/2016 on information technology parks and Government Decision 1144/2017, which created a highly simplified regulatory and fiscal framework for MITP residents.
Contact us for further guidance:
+373 79 409 771
Useful Contacts
Disclaimer: The contact list above is based on external ratings (like IFLR 1000, Legal 500) and publicly available data. It is not an exhaustive list and shall not be treated as MITP recommendation.
MITP Application Info
Discover the steps and documents to apply for MITP residency
PowerPoint Presentation
Fill out this form in order to apply for the status of MITP resident
See here the template contract for MITP residents
Useful Documents
MITP taxation system explained
A step-by-step guide on how to become MITP resident
Global Presentation of MITP
Guide on obtaining Moldovan IT visa and work permit
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MITP Evolution & Impact, 2018 - 2021
Moldova ICT sector stats and facts
Investment and Partnership opportunities
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How It Works
Register the company
It's really simple and it takes less than 72 hours:
- Set up a company (see details below)
- Open a bank account (here's a list of banks)
That's it
Apply for residence
Fill out this form and email it to us: No business plans needed. No fees to be paid.
Sign the contract
Within 7 days, you'll receive the official confirmation letter and we'll be able to sign the contract with you.
Start working
That was it! Now you're off to a good start in a new country. Start making great products, building great teams, making great fortunes.  
Why work in Moldova?
We could give you way more reasons, but here are the main ones:
We continuously have big demand for IT professionals. There are so many job offers that an IT specialist of any profile and level of expertise, can easily find an opening with a good salary. Besides, 85% of the volume of Moldovan IT services are exported, mainly to US companies.
Why work in Moldova?
We can give you incredibly many reasons, but here are the main ones:
Contact us:
38 Serghei Lazo street
(Avenue Business Center, 9th floor), Chisinau, Moldova

Monday – Friday
09:00am - 06:00pm

Legal Manager
Silvia Grosu
+373 79704007 (Viber or Whatsapp)

Finance Analyst
Nadejda Hodus
+373 79409771
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